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Puff sleeve blouse

Crafted from a lightweight blend of cotton and silk, the Puff shirts is a short-sleeved take on our Puff dress. It features a gathered V neck, full raglan sleeves, and a relaxed, breezy cut. A Wear it loose, or tuck it into your favorite high-waisted jeans, shorts, skirts or culotte.




The light purple  lavender color is made out from Madder Roots,
it is one of the oldest dye stuffs. It is used to produce turkey reds, mulberry, orange-red, terracotta, and in combination with other dyes to give crimson, purple, rust, browns, and near blacks. Madder is cultivated and grows wild throughout all over the world. Madder is a complex dyestuff containing multiple colorants. By manipulating mordanting, pH, and temperature many shades can be obtained. In this case, we used calcium to shift the light purple.


Puff sleeve blouse

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