Sacred Loom    Rose + Lavender METAMORPHOSIS  body polish

A medicinal, whole plant infused body scrub to serve during times of transition and letting go. Allow the plants to activate and synergies with your physical and subtle body. Gently scrub and wash away the layers that no longer serve. Embrace with confidence this beautiful new version of yourself. 


Rose is deep medicine that addresses the whole heart, fluidly healing both emotional and physical pain. Her vitamin C content cools hot skin and gently evens out skin tone.


Lavender is particularly in tune with the transitional times of a women's life. As an anxiolytic, she provides cooling relief, melting away tensions, easing stress and uplifting the spirit. 


Together, Rose and Lavender’s sweet floral bouquet leaves the skin smelling simply divine.



Create sacred space. Wet your body + cover yourself in Rose + Lavender. Gently scrub. Release, let go. Feel renewed + transformed.



Sweet almond oil*, rose petals*, lavender flowers*, brown sugar*, vitamin E oil.



about Sacred Loom whole plant, small batch, slowly and intentional infused products…


Sacred loom body products are infused with whole plant mater only. Working in close relationship with the plants, through their many stages, is how each of our beautiful healing products are created. This is the slow and wholesome way that our ancestors made them. Nothing is reduced or pulled apart. Preserving the dynamism in whole plants allows the vital force within them to align and synergies with that vital force within people. In reverence for each plant and it’s vibrational footprint we acknowledge them as enough and really quite perfect just as they are. To dance with these plant allies in their wholeness is to embrace your own interconnected wholeness.

Sacred Loom Rose + Lavender METAMORPHOSIS body polish