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Our products are all hand dyed with plant of bark, leaf, flower, and roots. We carefully selected as organic as possible and less harmful chemical.  It is natural to fade out the color as times goes by because this is plant dye. Please pay attention to the handing instruction so that color you could avoid fading out quickly. Also note, different plants dye will fade at different pace.

*All the products should be turned garment inside out, hand wash with cold or lukewarm water with neutral detergent. We suggest using biodegradable soap and please avoid Citric Acid or Alkaline soap. This may change the color depends on the plant and PH compatibility.

*Avoid putting the detergent directly onto to the fabric. Pour the small amount of soap into small cup to mix well, then pour into the laundry bucket to dilute the soap.

*Gently pressing washing and not scrabbing the fabric.

*Tumble dry on low heat or hang dry in shade. Avoid drying direct sunlight.

*Medium hot iron as desired.

*Citrus juice and Vinegar may discolor fabric, so best to be avoid.

*Indigo dye will bleed for the first few circle of washing, so please be careful.

*Do not Bleach, Do no Dry cleaning

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