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Avocado Oversized Jumpsuit

Inspired by the classic painter's coveralls, the fit is loose flowing, relaxed, and  comfortable. This jumpsuit is dyed with Avocado bark, pits, and skins a number of times  to produce a deeper color. Deep V-neck and dropped shoulder, low crotch for

100% linen




Size S-M
Length (Shoulder to waist) 21.5"
Length (Shoulder to leg) 54"-56"
Chest 21.5"
Waist 21.5"


Size M-L
Length (Shoulder to waist) 22.5"
Length (Shoulder to leg) 54"-56"
Chest 22.5"
Waist 22.5"



*Please allow 7-10 days of production time if there is enough material in stock, otherwise, please allow 2-3 weeks.


*Due to the unique process of using natural dyes and depending on the time of harvest season, the colors will vary.



Avocado Oversized Jumpsuit

SKU: OK016
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