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Elastic Dress

This elastic straps dress is adaptable, and effortless essential. Easy to toss over a swimsuit on a trip to the beach. Airy and lightweight, with thin elastic tunneling at the chest and adjustable spaghetti straps. Extract the pigment from Cultch and Madder roots to cotton silk materials. Hand Dye in Hawaii. 

It is sophisticated  a soft and silky fabric with an an airy cotton touch with subtle sheerness.


Silk 35% Cotton 65% 

All Hand dyed 100% made in Hawaii

Extract pigment from Cultch and Madder Roots.


Care  Hand wash, no dry clean 

*Please see the special washing instruction


Zoey is 5'9"




Elastic Dress

  • More Information, please Click Here!

  • How to wash and take care, Click Here for more info.

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