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Gourd Katazome V-Neck Dress

Inspired by the ipu (bottle gourd) the Hawaiians used for storing water, dyes, and medicine, this dress is dyed using Avocado and Dark Indigo. The ancient Japanese katazome technique is used to create the intricate patterns. Deep V-neck with slit in the
back for movement.

100% linen



Size S-M
Length 44"
Chest 19"


Size M-L
Length 44"

Chest 20"


*Avocado and Fresh Indigo combo only.



*Please allow 7-10 days of production time if there is enough material in stock, otherwise, please allow 2-3 weeks.


*Due to the unique process of using natural dyes and depending on the time of harvest season, the colors will vary.




Gourd Katazome V-Neck Dress

SKU: OK006
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