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Open Back Jumpsuits

Hand dyed 100% linen Jumpsuit with long shoulder straps that crisscross, loop through, and tie at the lower back. Slip-on style. V neck neckline. Open cross back.  Side seam pocket.

Relaxed fit. Perfect at the pool side.




Dyed with Indigofera tinctoria which is cultivated for this purpose. Indigo is the legendary source of colourfast blues and its ability to produce a wide range of shades has made it the most successful dye plant ever known. Indigo grows all over the world but flourishes best in hot, sunny, humid areas.




Dyed with ground Marigold flower heads of the Tagetes species. It yields rich vibrant yellows, green-yellows and oranges. Marigold is cultivated all over the world for its decorative flowers, for religious festivals and for its colourant. Marigold has a moderate light and washfastness.




Dyed with pomegranates. In India and south east Asia it is used as both a dye and a mordant. Pomegranate yields soft yellows to green-yellows.




Curry is 6', she is wearing size ML


*If its not in stock, please allow 1-3 weeks of production time.  Due to the unique process of using natural dyes and depending on the time of harvest season, the colors will be sligtly vary.


Open Back Jumpsuits

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