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Peacock Maxi Skirt

Inspired by the Hawaian Kapa pattern, Fabric made by native Hawaian using specific patterns, this skirt is dyed using Avocado and Dark Indigo. The ancient Japanese
katazome technique is used to create the intricate patterns. The fit is loose and relaxed
with a high waist and herringbone ribbon and small hook on the side.


100% linen


Size S
Waist  27"- 28"
Length 39"- 40"


Size M
Waist 28"- 29"
Length 39"-40"


Size L
Waist 29"-3 0"
Length 39"- 40"


*Please allow 7-10 days of production time if there is enough material in stock, otherwise, please allow 2-3 weeks.


*Due to the unique process of using natural dyes and depending on the time of harvest season, the colors will vary.

Peacock Maxi Skirt

SKU: OK003
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